30 July 2012

Sammy Dress OOTD & Review

Hi girlies!

I was contacted by Sammy Dress to do a review on some of their items. They allowed me to pick 2 two things off their website!

As you can see from the video, I decided to choose this aztec inspired scarf and the gorgeous orange handbag!

The aztec scarf is too die for! I have worn it every day since it arrived. Also what's amazing, is I was actually on Daily Mail, reading an article about the races and I actually saw a girl wearing the scarf! It's pretty cool, when something you own is shown on a website or seen on a celebrity!

With the handbag, I choose this one in particular because it reminded of the Hermes style Birkin bags. Seeing as how I don't think I would be affording one any time soon, I think this is a great cost friendly option to the bag.

Onto the website itself, Sammy Dress is a wholesale retailer that sells in bulk to stores. However a typical consumer, like you or me, can order off there and have the latest fashion trends for a fraction of the price. The bag retails for $12.04 on the website and the scarf retails for $3.64 (at the time of purchase).

The link to the scarf: http://www.sammydress.com/product102176.html
The link to the handbag: http://www.sammydress.com/product172241.html

I personally love the website and all the goodies on the website too! I hope you all have enjoyed this review :)

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