17 July 2011

Sneak Peek! - Small Eyes Appear Larger Tutorial


I'm the kind of girl that has small, round eyes. While I hate truly hate them, I'm sure others love them and wish they had them. I guess it's just the luck of the trade. I decided to do a Tutorial showing you how to make those small, round eyes (if you have them) appear larger. It's really just about opening the eye, rather than closing it. So making sure you choose a light shimmery lid colour, and a brown/deep purple colour rather than a jet black. Another important step is too make sure you don't close your eyes - you can close your eyes by applying too much eyeliner or by applying a lot of liner to the outer corner of the lower waterline. I hope the picture can show you the difference in my eyes. The right eye, has nothing on and looks small and closed. Where as the left one looks more defined and bigger. I hope it helps, and when the tutorial is ready to be posted on my YouTube channel, I'll post the link here! YAY :)

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  1. Oh wow! Thats awesome! Thanks for sharing the tip babe!