16 July 2011

Guess what I found?!

I mentioned in a few videos or tweets, that I had lost all of my rings and a couple of my bracelets on the move over to New Zealand. And as you would be, I was pretty bummed! I mean who wouldn't be if they lost ALL of their sentimental rings etc. Before I started university, I went through all of my 'school-type bags' to look for one that was suitable to lug around university all day. I found one that I used in high school from Accessorize. Low and behold after I checked the pockets of the bag, I found the little purses that my rings and bracelets were in! I couldn't believe my eyes, and was literally shocked with my hand over my mouth! I had found my rings! Ever since I found them, I've been wearing one a day :) The motto here is Never Give Up!


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