15 May 2011

New Fashion Love!

Lately I've been trying new methods in applying my foundation. I've tried using a large foundation brush, a duo fiber stippling brush and even my fingers! However most of them, never give me the right coverage or finish that I've been wanting. I recently saw a video showing Lauren Conrad apply the foundation to the palm of her hand, taking a small foundation brush and applying it on only the areas where you need it. Off course, I don't have the money to immediately go out and buy any brush and hope that it works for my foundation. So i decided just to look in my own brush collection and see if there was one I could use or one that was similar. Believe it or not, but I actually found one in my makeup collection, exact to the one that she uses. The only difference (or problem) is that it's actually a large shadow brush. Meant for your eyes....not your face. But once again, believe it or not, it works like magic! So now Ive been using the E60 from Sigma Makeup.

It works like an absolute charm! It also really helps you place your foundation on areas where you only, absolutely need it. The key to a dewy complexion is that! - Only applying it to the 'problem areas'. That means if your cheeks and forehead are clear, don't place any there! Usually I just need to place some foundation on my nose area and chin and I'm good to go. Off course, if your new to trying makeup brushes and want to invest in a good quality one, you can buy a proper foundation brush like this one, which is very similar. However, if you've already got a Sigma kit, find this brush and try it out! I'm sure you'll love it as much as I do :)

If you need any extra help, choosing the right brush for foundation, just post it in the comments below!

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