29 May 2011

Carpe Diem!

I recommend doing these simple 5 things in your life, it can be over a week, or even in a day! I love doing these simple things, because not only does it make me feel good, some of them make others feel good. 

♡ Drink water! I keep a bottle of water by my 24/7. When I wake up, I guzzle it, and before I go to bed I have some more! I like to keep the mini PUMP bottles (New Zealand only) with me. It allows me to get my 8-glasses of water and helps me stay awake and alert through the day.
♡ Brush your teeth at night! I know how hard it can be, especially when your tired and just want to hop into bed. However make sure you brush your teeth! I like to use a whitening toothpaste, because it makes my teeth whiter. 
♡ Give a friend a makeover! I love giving my friends makeovers, because it's a great way to bond and an easy hang-out idea. Not only does it feel good helping someone out, you also give them a confidence boost!
♡ Wash your duvet regularly! I'm sure you've seen in my videos, the pink duvet that's on my bed :) I make sure to wash it about once a month, a lot of dust and dirt can collect on your duvet, especially because your placing a lot of stuff on it. I.E, your school books = have been all over school. I'm sure you get the point now. 
♡ Constantly keep your wardrobe fresh and tidy! My wardrobe is already color organized and separated (blog post coming soon!). However make sure you always go into your wardrobe once a month to make sure the colors are organzied and the clothes are folded neatly. They can become messy very easily if you let them! I also like to spray my Vanilla perfume inside, it not only makes my clothes smell nice, it's just so nice opening up your wardrobe and smelling your favorite perfume!


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