4 April 2011

Pop of Colour!

I've always been too scared of trying colored eyeshadow. I am experimental when it's just me playing around, but when it comes to actually doing with a tutorial or going out with friends and having a bright fun colour, I'm always one to say "NO WAY!" Lately though, I'm starting to slowly be more daring and today I even went out with the purple look (picture below)
So here are the two looks I made today. Both with a bright bold pop of colour, that I am quite happy and excited about wearing out. 
The first one with the purple, I applied a light shimmery pink all over my eyelid and then choose a soft yet deep purple colour to place on the outer V and crease. Then with a dab of mascara and a hint of eyeliner, Voila! we have an amazing purple look. The pictures definitely don't do the colour justice! It reminded me of a magical Bollywood moment. They love having deep purples in all of the fashion/makeup and I definitely love the end result :)

The second look I made on my other eye, was a gorgeous light but dark blue. I applied a shimmery gold all over the lid to really help make the blue pop. Then applied a subtle but gorgeous blue to the outer V and crease. Again with a hint of mascara and a dab of eyeliner the look was done! Again I loved this look as well. Both the gold and the blue complimented one another so well, I can't wait to go out and wear it! Here is the look :)
I hope I can inspire some of you that are too afraid to try colour to try it after reading this post. Trust me I was definitely a wall flower when it came to trying colour. Yet now I feel like I've blossomed and can't wait to try plum's and even greens! If your still a bit too afraid to try it and don't know what to do, I can always make a tutorial and show you how to perfect the pop of colour :)

Hope you all enjoyed this post :)
Till next time, xoxo

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