27 April 2011

O.P.I Strawberry Margarita

I finally bought my very first O.P.I nail polish :) I ordered it off the website BeyondBeauty.co.nz.
Altogether it was only $17! At least $10 cheaper than from Farmers. The polish was only $14 (on sale though) and shipping was only $3 with a tracking number. It arrived also in 2 days! Great company and I can't wait to order more nail polishes through them :)
So onto the nail polish. I decided to get Strawberry Margarita as meganheartsmakeup mentioned it in one of her NYC vlogs and I absolutely loved the colour! Plus you can never go wrong with a pink polish :)

As you can see the colour is a pinkish matte tone. It doesn't appear as matte as you would think however. It still maintains a sheer light in it. All in all, I love the nail polish and colour and glad I purchased it :)


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