22 July 2010

Style Savy. Volume 2 - Post 2


Today on Style Savy I will be showing you a great, casual beach outfit! Now this is definitely an outfit that I would wear all together. All of the pieces shown are quite versatile and can be worn all together (like this outfit) or worn separately with other items!

So as you can see were still keeping that Sailor trend that were seeing a lot of on the runways and in stores.

The shirt as you can see is really casual. I had the chance to try this particular shirt on when I was out shopping, and YES! it is as comfortable as it looks :P

The shorts are really casual too. You can get these shorts in any colour. Preferably blue, white, or pink would work best with this look.

For jewelery, I just choose an assortment of bracelets, and then just a heart ring. The ring is made out of that plastic material. SO if you are at the beach, and your hands get hot, it will be hard to get off. That's why its always best to get a bigger size for those kind of rings, as it wont be that hard to get off.

And lastly for the shoes, I choose these jelly shoes! They are a much updated version from the jelly shoes we use to wear when we were kids, but still very fashionable! Also they are perfect for the beach and it doesn't really matter if you get them wet since there jelly!

All items shown are from the forever21 website.

Enjoy the outfit during the summer month :)
Stay tuned and stay stylish.

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