24 July 2010

Style Savy. Volume 1 - Post 4

Oxford Classy

Hello everyone! Today on Style Savy I will be showing you a classic Oxford style look! It's very English, and I can definitely see fashionable chica's (like ourselves :P) walking down Oxford Street in this outfit. Off course you can pair your own oxford style shoes with this outfit, but I think these ones definitely make the mark!

So the first thing I will be talking about in this outfit, is the plaid shirt. I think the blue colour really matches this whole outfit, and even though plaid shirts are meant to be a casual outfit, this shirt paired with the rest of the outfit, make it really classy, and definitely shows that effortless style that we all wish we had! The blue colour is great and just simple.

For the shorts I choose a very classy version that's fitted and quite neat. It also comes with a skinny belt, which is great to take off and use on other outfits. Always look for clothes that come with an add-on accessory, as you can simply take it off and use it on another outfit.

And now for the statement piece: THE SHOES :) These shoes are quite effortless, and just so stylish to wear. I absolutely love how its a shiny black with cut outs around them. These are a great way to style up any outfit, and they definitely make the outfit. Every girl should invest in a pair of these shoes as there adorable :P In the US they run for about $20+.

And for the last two pieces. The ring is a really cute turquoise/green colour ring with a huge jewel in the middle. It is also that plastic type material, like the one I mentioned in my other blog post, so do remember to get a bigger size than usual because it wont be that hard to get off etc. As for the handbag, again I choose a long pink ruffled handbag. You can really choose any long bag to go with this outfit, however i choose this one because its pink with ruffles and 'feminizes' up the outfit as all the colours are quite dark etc.

All items shown above are from forever21. However you can find the basics like the shirt and shorts from any retail store. I hope you enjoyed this outfit, and hope you try it out!
Stay tuned and stay stylish

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