22 July 2010

Style Savy. Volume 1 - Post 3

Hola Chica's!

Today I will be showing you a really cute pink dinner party outfit! Now actually this outfit can be worn to Church, a Christening, a party, or just out for dinner. The outfit is mainly pink and silver as you can see. But that makes it feminine and well put together.

Firstly, lets start off with the dress. It's a pink sweetheart cocktail dress. The fabric I think is cotton..I had the chance to try this dress on and the fabric was comfortable and quite relaxing. But it's a pretty basic dress as you can and that takes us to the jacket :)

Ah, the jacket. The statement piece of this outfit! It's a sparkly, silvery balero with sequins all over it. It is a must have and I think all girls should own a balero like this. Maybe not silver, you could even get gold if your daring :) It fits so well with the dress, and especially if you don't like your shoulders showing, or if your a bit more conservative, this works perfectly with those options.

As for the jewelery and shoes. I choose this salmon ballet flats which are perfect for this outfit. The dress does come above the knees, so I thought it would be best to pair it with a simple ballet shoe. Also this salmon colour is different than the pink on the dress, it definitely works and goes well with the whole outfit. The bracelet I choose is just really girly and fun. There's a strand of pearls, and other sparkly stuff :P

All of the items shown are off the forever21 website. You can take this idea, and work it into your own wardrobe if you don't want to go out and the items.
Stay tuned and stay stylish :)

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