21 July 2010

Style Savy. Volume 1 - Post 1 :)

Hey Everyone!
Today I will be telling you how to be Style Savy!! This is a new idea that I have; also I will be filming more tips and tricks on my youtube channel under the account caseyb58....SO until I get my camera, I will be posting on here instead.

The first style that I will be showing you is great to wear basically anywhere!

So as you can see this outfit works around the blazer. The blazer is a really cute item piece that I think all girls should own! The gold buttons really make such a simple navy blazer pop. You can pick up blazers like this from practically any store. That can be a good and bad thing. Ive searched high and low and still haven't found the "perfect" blazer..So keep looking girls and I'm sure that sooner or later you will come across the perfect blazer for you :)

Under the blazer, I've paired it with a simple cute blue summer dress. I've actually had the chance to try the dress on, and its really comfortable and quite versatile in the sense that it goes with anything!

The shoes are just casual tennis shoes with white lace going around them. They are quite comfortable, and you can ever wear those ballet socks with them...

The accessories are quite simple..I paired this outfit with a gold ring that has LOVE written on it, and a simple gold and pink bag with a chain.

This is perfect for Summer '10 because it brings in all the latest trends and accessories! The blazer is the hot item this summer that is a must have for wardrobes. Also it brings a 'sailor' type look which were seeing in a lot of stores sporting the look.

All of these items are off the Forever21 website. However you can really pick up these items from just about anywhere! And remember to always look for a bargain! It's great when your able to find such a nice item of clothing or accessory for either a discount or at the vintage store! So remember to keep your eyes out!

I hope you've enjoyed this Blazer outfit! Tomorrow I will be putting up a casual beach outfit :)
Stay tuned, and stay stylish :)

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